Recent Activities

We're a very active crew that enjoys a variety of activities and challenges. Scouting's an adventure! We're still working to update the event information and add photos to this page. It's an ongoing challenge to remember to take photos at events and gather information from those who attend to create the write ups here.

Haunted Trails at Camp Naish • October 2015

Our scouts were among those dressed as zombies to scare the cub scouts as they made their way with a guide through the haunted trails at Camp Naish. It's a spooktacular event!

Missouri River High Adventure • July 2015

We had 5 scouts and 2 adults canoe the Missouri River in South Dakota.

Philmont • July 2014

We sent 2 crews to Philmont but due to injuries they were combined to one on the trail. Still a great time, just had to make adjustments. It's always an adventure and leadership opportunity.

Swamp Base • July 2014

We had 3 scouts and 1 advisor join scouts and a leader from Troop 55 on a trek to Swamp Base where they kayaked the swamp in Louisiana.

Summit Shakedown Canopy Zipline TourKlondike on the Beach • January 2014

We had 6 scouts and 2 adults join Pioneer Trail District's Klondike on the Beach complete with surfboards instead of the usual klondike sleds. The girls took first place in the overall competition. They ran unopposed in the cooking contest making some delicious chocolate, walnut, coconut, prune truffels. The "must use" ingredients were coconut and prunes. We'll definately be putting those in our cookbook and making them again soon.

IBEX Climb-in • January 2014

Summit Shakedown Canopy Zipline TourClimbing, pizza, more climbing, and a little sleep. This yearly climbing overnight is a great way for ladies to get to know the crew and have some fun. Crew members invite friends to join the fun. This year we had 15 climbers, including a few potential recruits and one very excited young lady who can't wait to be a scout. A lot of fun was had by all.

Woodworking Workshop & Wilderness Survival Demo Campsite at Camp Naish • November 2013

We had 2 scouts and 1 adult take part in one of the Woodcarving Workshops offered by Camp Naish. They each carved a couple of neckerchief slides and helped with the new beaver totem dedicated to the camp maintenance crew. Meanwhile we had 3 scouts work on the wilderness survival Ranger award requirements where they set up a shelter, and presented information to a group of younger scouts and 3 adults.

Kandersteig, Switzerland • June 2013

We sent 5 scouts, and 5 adults as part of a council contingent group to Kandersteig, Switzerland. A great time was had by all. Check back as we post more information and photos on this amazing adventure to the Swiss Alps.

Summit Shakedown • July 2012

Summit Shakedown Canopy Zipline TourWe were fortunate to send 8 scouts and 2 advisors to Summit Bechtel Reserve as the first scouts to camp on the new Boy Scout property and try out some of the high adventure activities planned for the 2013 National Jamboree. We helped to test their systems, activities, gear, and staff. We took part in a canopy zip line tour, mountain biking, 11+ mile hike, and white water rafting. We joined 20 scouts/advisors from Virginia and 10 from Akron, Ohio to make up our 40 person crew. The 3 units worked well together and really jelled as a crew by the end of our 4 day experience. It's always fun to get to know other scouts & scouters and learn about what they're doing in their units and councils. Check out our photos on Facebook.

Clinton Lake • June 2012

We camped at the campsite near Bloomington beach. We completed Venturing Youth Protection, tie-dyed new crew shirts, and did a preliminary gear shakedown preparing for our Summit Shakedown trip. Great food, fun, and some time at the swim beach enjoying the water and sunshine.

Philmont • July 2011

We took 2 all-girl crews to Philmont again.

IBEX Climb-In • January 2011

Climbing, pizza, more climbing, a little sleep. This yearly climbing overnight is a great way for ladies to get to know the crew and have some fun. Crew members invite friends and girl scouts to join the fun. This year we had 20 climbers, including a few of our adult advisors.

Camp Naish Staff • Summer 2010

Working at Theodore Naish scout reservation as a staff member is not only enjoyed by male Boy Scouts but also by female Venturing scouts. Three girls from Venturing Crew 2052 earned some extra cash while having fun and making friends during the summer of 2010. Kaitlin Richardson worked as a counselor in training (C.I.T). As a C.I.T Kaitlin worked in several different places during her two weeks at camp; handicraft, trading post, nature lodge, and scout craft. She also volunteered to help young cub scouts tie-dye their own t-shirts. Nicole Baltzell although coming late in the summer was a full time member of the camp Naish camp staff. Working at handicraft Nicole taught young scouts about power equipment safety in preparation of pinewood derby car stand construction. Working at the camp Naish general store or the trading post Grace Clark received a multitude of duties including, cleaning the front of the store, stocking items for sale and answering any questions adult leaders had when trading post manager Becky Miller (associate advisor and former crew member of 2052) had stepped out on other business. Camp Naish is full of traditions, friends and fun, and all of these young ladies plan to be on staff for the 2011 camp sessions.

Holiday Gift Boxes for Overseas Troop • December 2009

This holiday season the crew put together care packages for overseas service men and women instead of having a holiday party with gift exchange. The boxes were filled with candy, cookies, games, cards, and holiday wishes. They were sent to the area where troops are coming in and out of the "arena/front lines". Our hope is that in some small way we've made a difference.

IBEX Climb-in • November 2009

Climbing, pizza, more climbing, a little sleep. This yearly climbing overnight is a great way for ladies to get to know the crew and have some fun. Crew members invite friends and girl scouts to join the fun. 25 climbers, including a few of our adult advisors attended.

White River Canoe Race • July 2009

The crew took first place in the Girls Aluminum division in the 130 mile 3-day canoe relay race on the White River in Arkansas. They were also awarded the overall Spirit Award. Way to go girls! Crew members were Grace Clark, Abby Clem, Carrie Dietz, Casey Hutchins, Brianna Spence, and Kelsey Taylor. Adult advisors were Brenda Kappelman, Barb Pressgrove, and Audrey Taylor.

Canoe trip with Troop 59 • May 2009

The canoe trip turned into rafting due to the high water on the Niangua River, Missouri. Crew members attending: Abby Clem, Carrie Dietz, Casey Hutchins, Brianna Spence, and Kelsey Taylor

Pelathe District Klondike at Camp Naish • Feb 2009

Casey Hutchins, Brianna Spence and Kelsey Taylor represented the crew at the Pelathe District Klondike. They set up camp with about 4 inches of snow on the ground, participated in the Klondike sled building and race. They were one of four groups that were prepared to brave the weather and stayed over Saturday night. Congratulations to Troop 60 who shared some of their prize winning strawberry cake and won the dessert cook-off hands down. Way to go guys!

Camp-in Game Party • Jan 2009

Nine crew members planned and enjoyed a game night and pizza party camp-in at St. Margaret's in January.

IBEX Indoor Climb-in • Nov 2008

Members of the crew along with Girl Scouts and an exchange student went to IBEX, an indoor climbing facility. They climbed into the wee hours of the night, 1:00am, breaking for pizza. There were some expert climbers among the group who shared their skills with those who'd never climbed before. Great job girls!

Worlds of Fun Scout Weekend • Sept 2008

Members of the crew attended the Scout Weekend (Sept. 6-7) at Worlds of Fun.

Bodies Revealed at Union Station • Aug 2008

The crew experienced the Bodies Revealed Exhibit at Union Station. The exhibit was informative and interesting. Crew members attending were Grace Clark, Helen Gent, Casey Hutchins, Elizabeth Love, Brianna Spence, Kelsey Taylor. Adult advisors were Jordana Arnold, Ralena McCurdy, and Audrey Taylor. We were also joined by family, friends, and members of girl scout troop 7704.

Irish International Jamboree 2008 • Aug 2008

The members of Venturing crew 2052, from Lawrence Kansas, often find themselves explaining their unique membership. Venturing is part of the Boy Scouts of America program for boys and girls aged fourteen to twenty-one. What sets this crew apart is the fact that they are currently an all girl crew. While they are often confused for girl scouts, they do not let it hold them back from participating in scouting events. The crew has participated in many activities locally and with surrounding councils since the crew was established over five years ago. They've participated in two trips to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, two trips to Okpik winter adventure in Ely Minnesota as well as summer camps and other activities. This summer, they have gone even farther, traveling overseas to Ireland. More about Ireland...

Anchors Aweigh • July 2008

Grace Clark, Carmel Sivron, Amelia Wilson, JoAnna Male, and Hannah Smith earned their Venturing Bronze Sea Scout award at the Anchors Aweigh 5-day event at Quivira Scout Ranch, Wichita, Kansas. A special thank you to Mr. Jarbo and his wife, and to Sea Scout Eric of Eudora, for organizing and staffing the event. Adult advisor was Bob Gent.

Naish Bash Venturing Residence Camp • June 2008

Members of Venturing Crew 2052 attended the annual Naish Bash Venturing residence camp in Bonner Springs June 1-7, 2008. Activities included scuba diving, mountain biking, welding, climbing, COPE course, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding. Scouts attending were Grace Clark, Helen Gent, Casey Hutchins, JoAnna Male, Alycia Roberson, Hannah Smith, Brianna Spence and Kelsey Taylor. Adult advisors were Jordana Arnold, Barbara Pressgrove and Marie Wilson.

Rayodo at Philmont Scout Ranch 2008

Helen Gent participated in the Rayodo experience. Here's her story:

Just over two years ago I hated camping. It just didn't appeal to me at all. So it's pretty obvious that I had no idea what was going on at my first Venture crew meeting. "And this summer we're going to Philmont!" That was literally the amount of information that I had upon signing up for my first trip to Philmont.

Imagine my shock then, when after months of thinking that I would have utterly no fun, I fell in love. There's just something about Philmont that gets into your blood. Even when you're tired and dirty and oh so very grateful to get back into base, you know that you'll be coming back.

On the bus ride leaving, I didn't look back at arrowhead rock like I should have. I was too busy filling out my Rayado application. Rayado is a three week long program that is designed to teach advanced backpacking and leadership skills, and that's about all it ever says anywhere information wise. If I had thought it through a bit more thoroughly before sending in my application, I don't think I would have done it. I've never been more proud to say that I jump into things without thinking. Rayado is an extraordinary and indescribable experiance. I suppose I'm going to try to explain, but you have to do it to truly understand. One thing that Rayado participants hear a lot is "expect the unexpected."; This is the very best possible advice, because there's really nothing else they can do. You never really know what's coming around the corner, and you do learn from the start that there are surprises in store, things that no one would predict. But, of course, all of these surprises are secret. My own personal advice would be to trust the staff with your life, but nothing more.

I can tell you, though, that we didn't know day to day, or camp to camp, where we were going. At first it was frustrating, we would hike into Pueblano and the staff would ask "are you camping here tonight?" and we wouldn't know at all until finally our rangers would say "nope we're heading for French Henry, get going!" and we'd finally end up camping at Copper Park Camp, one mile and one thousand vertical feet from French. But eventually it stopped mattering where we were staying because it was simply so fun. We accomplished things each day that I never would have thought possible two years, or even two months ago. I never would have thought that I could hike eighteen miles in one day, or climb three peaks in the same amount of time. But I really learned what I was capable of and by now you may have guessed that I'm shamelessly recruiting you. Do Rayado! It's incredibly fun, and a great chance for personal growth. You come back with some awesome stories too. I saw three bears, a mama and two cubs. Then the next day a different bear shredded my pack cover and chewed through the ground cloth for my tent. A crew of boys decided one night that they were too lazy to set up tents so they slept under a rock overhang. In the middle of the night they heard snarling. The mountain lion wanted its bed back. Another perk is that one of the objectives of Rayado is "advanced cooking" in other words, while normal crews ate trail meals for their whole trek, we were only subjected to a few trail dinners. For most meals we had bulk food. We had macaroni and cheese, cous cous pilaf, and even thai food! By the end of my trek my feet were in terrible condition, I was mentally and physically exausted and I slept nearly all day after returning home but now I have insomnia. My knees and arches of my feet still ache when I walk and my favorite camp shoes smell like bear pee. Does it sound to you like I'm done with Philmont? I'm not. I was even telling myself I was and that I wasn't coming back next summer. I lasted eight days, then I found myself frantically downloading my R.O.C.S. application.

Family Canoe Trip with Troop 59 • May 2008

Crew members Erica Hernly, Elizabeth Love, Brianna Spence and Kelsey Taylor joined Troop 59 for their family canoe trip on the Niangua River near Lebanon, Missouri. The river was up so the group rafted down the river. The swift current and high river made for an enjoyable, leisure float trip with time to swim and splash other rafters. The scouts participated in an evening campfire and were honorable mention for the the camping competition. Advisors present were Ralena McCurdy, Brian Spence and Audrey Taylor.

Fall Camporee • Oct 2007

Venture Crew 2052 attended the annual Pelathe District Camporee at Camp Bromelsick on October 27, 2008. They assisted with the Webelos visitation by setting up a lashing station and helping to assemble a wooden bridge. The Crew also took first place in the dutch over Birthday Cake competition celebrating 100 years of scouting worldwide. Crew members present were Kelsey Taylor, Casey Hutchins and Grace Clark with adult advisers Ralena McCurdy, Jordana Arnold, Lena Scruggs and Audrey Taylor.

Philmont Scout Ranch • July 2007

Venturing Crew 2052 departed July 26, 2007 for Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. The crew, which consists of students from Lawrence, Baldwin City and Eudora, was the only all-girls group at Philmont this year. Crew members hiked over 62 miles during 10 days and crossed one mesa and two mountains.

During the trek, they carried all their gear, including shelter, food, water and clothing, resulting in packs weighing 30-60 pounds. They hiked from campsite to campsite each day, learning a new skills that included horseback riding, rock climbing and the importance of teamwork.

Helen Gent won her weight division in the Gibson, or caber, toss. The group met Boy Scouts from Troop 37 in Rockford, Ill., who offered flowers, letters and food, and visited for dinner even though their campsite was a mile away uphill.

On the morning of the last day, the crews hiked up Philmont’s most recognized challenge, the Tooth of Time, to see the sunrise. About halfway to the Tooth, the trail becomes a cascade of boulders the size of car hoods and larger, which must be clambered over to reach the top.

Students who made the trip included JoAnna Male, Amelia Wilson, Helen Gent, Maisie Hotvedt, Kelsey Taylor, Casey Hutchins, Courtney Zinn, Carol Fittel, Erica Hernly, Hannah Bain, Caitleen Desetti, Grace Clark, Kayla Chilcoat and Nadia Scruggs.

Adult advisers included Audrey Taylor, Kim Zinn, Bob Gent, Frank Male, Ralena McCurdy, Jordana Arnold and Carolyn Church.